Theft of vehicles and plant always increases during the Winter. We’ve all had or know someone who has been a victim of theft and can therefore relate to the inconvenience caused and the financial losses arising from theft.

Mobile assets are difficult to protect and are always at risk when left unattended. Simple precautions can make the thieves’ life more difficult to the point where they move on or don’t bother. This is because time is their enemy.

Security is about sensible precautions and an understanding of the layered approach. Security can be improved by simple precautions that cost very little and sometimes nothing at all. Please read our useful hints further down this document.

Enigma has a strong security background having been in the business for many years. We’re worked with insurers, operators, the Police and other parties to protect and recover stolen assets. Our engineers are fully trained, work to a high standard and are accredited within the Thatcham Approved Installer scheme.

Skyline protects 24/7 either by on-screen or e-mail alerts or by use of our approved monitoring bureau who are also fully trained and accredited to provide you with the assurance you demand.

Staff security is equally important. Skyline delivers additional layers of protection for colleagues working alone and away from base. Our lone worker systems provide that added layer of protection that enables our customer to comply with relevant Health & Safety requirements.

Feature Live tracking Satellite mapping Input alarms Geo-zones Out of Hours External Power Loss Battery Backup GPS Destroyed Remote immobilization
Benefit Immediately located Reduce recovery time Early warning (used in conjunction with out of hours) Warning when a vehicle leaves or enters a specified zone Alerts can be set up to trigger outside the working day to stop false alarms Warning the power to the unit has been cut Internal unit battery for when the external power is cut Warning of the unit being attacked Remotely inhibit the starter at the end of each day

There are many practical precautions that you can take to make theft even more difficult and we’ve listed a few of these below together with links to various websites with even more advice & suggestions.

Trucks, Vans & Cars:

With over # 42 million of equipment recovered to the end of 2008 and 17 years o experience to rely on you can be sure that when you want to protect your mobile assets Skyline really delivers. It's not just the system it's our approach that helps make Skyline one of the most successful products of its type available today.

Layers of security provide the best protection. Skyline vehicle devices are compatible with our unique reange of immobilisers or will interface with many of the popular immobilisers in use today. We'll always put maximum effort into delivering the best solution for your needs.
vehicles can be immobiised directly from your mobile, one simple SMS will immobilise one or many assets.
Out of hours monitoring is provided through our 24/7 bureau in UK. This operates using a special Skyline Alarm Module that can also be deployed in non-UK markets withi a 24/7 environment. If you don't need this level of protection then alerts or alarm messages can be routed out, at any time, by e-mail or SMS to your mobile or handheld device.
So if you want to protect against theft, fraudulent rentals of unauthorised use by employees then Skyline will put you in " complete control".

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